Arvel the Swift
Arvel stuck in the Wounded Frostbite Spider's Web

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Dark Elf (Dunmer)



Arvel the Swift is a Dunmer thief in Skyrim who Elwynn encountered just after battling the Wounded Frostbite Spider, Arvel promised to venture with Elwynn and show him how to use it if he cut him down from the spiders web he was tangled in. It turned out that Arvel was the thief who stole the Golden Claw from Lucan Valerius. After Elwynn freed Arvel from the Frostbite's web, the Dunmer went back on his words and made a run for it. Elwynn then tried to catch up with the thief, confused about the situation, but as he started to catch up, Elwynn witnessed Arvel's death as he was struck down by a terrible Draugr - which he had to fight.