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1164 AD

The Danish Empire was one of (Possibly the) main antagonists in Let's Play: Medieval 2 - Total War. Initially allied with the English Empire, their betrayal ignited one of the deadliest wars in English History. The taming of Denmark was among the proud achievements of King Ambrose's reign.

History between England and DenmarkEdit

The true beginning between the relationship between Denmark and England started in the year 1089. In these days, King William the Conqueror was still on the throne and in a power struggle for the British Isles. As England was securing their borders with France, Denmark was rapidly expanding and took Bruges the year before. However, the Danish were in no position to attack in France or England, so they calmed their expansive ways. When the Danish realized this, they sent a Princess to diplomatically improve relations with England. The final agreement went as followed.

England Demands
1500 Florins
England Offers
Trade Rights

Princess Ingrid happily accepted the offer as England and Denmark forged one of the strongest alliances in the world. Though a few setbacks when Denmark "faked invading" a few years later and never actually attacked or declared war, the Alliance prospered until many years later.

After William was long gone and King Ambrose held the mantle, England found itself at war on three fronts. France was on its death bed, Milan was vigorously assaulting English territories, and the Spanish were being pushed back. England was clearly winning the war, something Denmark became fearful of. They were in a similar situation, at war with the Holy Roman Empire who at the time were strong enough to win. The Danish Legions thought differently, and beat back the Empire. Now with time on their side, they prepared to strike. After the war with the French had ended, the English decided it was time for an age of peace. They were wrong.

In 1138, the Danish Navy blockaded an important trade port in Caen. This was an official declaration of war and an act of betrayal. The Declaration of War triggered a wave of anger at Denmark, with this came the process of offensive advance. Simon Maintland, led his English Armies to attack the Danish newly captured provinces.

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