The Falmer are blind, corrupted and horrific elves, who live in caves around the Sea of Ghosts. Elwynn has had many battles with them, mostly coming out victorious. The Falmer Warmonger is particularly vicious, as it has immense strength with its bow. They are the last remnants of the now extinct race of the Snow Elves.


You can find the Falmer in nearly all the caves around Winterhold; however, they have also spread southwards and westwards. They usually live near the vicious insects called the Chaurus, whose shell the Falmer uses to create tents and chests

Relationship with ChaurusEdit

The Falmer uses the chaurus for eating, building tents, making traps and making chests. In return, the Falmer protect the Chaurus eggs. Usually both chaurus and falmer's live in the same cave and usually attack invaders at the same time.

Types of FalmerEdit

The Falmer range in toughness, from the basic Falmer species, up through the Skulker, Gloomlurker, and Nightprowler ranks, and finally to the Shadowmaster and the particularly vicious and powerful Warmonger, capable of killing Elwynn with one blow. As Elwynn grew in power, he started to attract more of the powerful Falmer, presumably seeing him as a challenge, and less of the lesser Falmer, as they started to fear him more.