Ryan Haze was a major character in the Text-Based Forum RP - 'Fallout: A Fight for Survival'. He served as the main antagonist and survived right up until the conclusion. Ryan Haze was played by K1ngLemon.



Ryan Haze entered into Texas later than he had anticipated. The prisoners sent with him (by Ceaser), were slowing the small army (commanded by Haze) down and as a result, they were delayed. Haze eventually made the decision to execute the prisoners - his orders were, however, to crucify them around the camp (it is not known exactly how they were executed). Upon establishing a proper camp within Texas, Haze soon recieved reinforcements and word from Ceaser. The Legion wanted to consolidate power in Texas and to do so, they needed to wipe out all NCR supporters. Eventually Haze had enough power and men to destroy several NCR outposts - this was to 'start' the Legions expansion into Texas.

Power Struggle & Birth of The Black TitansEdit

Haze continued to follow orders handed down by Ceaser - Haze's only superior - and relenltessly, using his ever-increasing army, Haze managed to capture several settlements and even established an alliance with the Vault-dwellers. At the same time, however, the NCR were also making advances