Let's Play: Dragon Age - Origins
Dragon Age - Origins Cover

Start Date

August 11 2010

End Date

March 14 2011

Total Running Time

7 Months and 3 Days

Total Amount of Parts


Main Protagonist

Horston Brosca

Main Antagonist


Let's Play: Dragon Age Origins was an LP of the titular game by Damo2986. The Archdemon, a corrupted Old God, attempts to control the land of Thedas through the evil Darkspawn, and only the legendary Grey Wardens can stop him. Horston Brosca, a casteless dwarf from Orzammar, joins the ancient order just prior to its devastation at the Battle of Ostagar. Together with another surviving Warden, Alistair, Horston undertakes a quest to muster the order's ancient allies and defeat the Blight, all the while enduring the treachery of Teyrn Loghain, the man responsible for the fall of Ostagar.

There was a short-lived sequel in the form of Let's Play: Dragon Age 2, which was cancelled for being disappointing. It was later replaced with a proper follow-up, the Return of the Old Gods forum RP.