Dragon Age 2
Dragon Age 2 Front Cover

Start Date:

March 11 2011

Cancel Date:

April 3 2011

Total Running Time:

23 Days

Total Amount of Parts:


Main Protagonist:

Sindall Hawke

Dragon Age II was LP'd by Damo2986, commencing on the March 11, 2011. It was expected to be a great LP following the magnificent success of the Dragon Age: Origins LP starring a new character, Sindall Hawke. This was not to be, however, as after a couple of weeks of LPing the game, Damo expressed that he wasn't enjoying the game. The community was very supportive of his decision to discontinue it, feeling that if it was no fun for him, the quality would suffer and make it fun for nobody.

The forum RP Return of the Old Gods replaced Dragon Age 2, serving as a proper continuation to the events of the first game and Horston's personal story. As this game was played on the PC and the original was on the 360, the save file could not be imported and never was a proper follow-up in the first place.