Medieval 2 - Total War
Medieval II Total War pc
The Medieval 2 - Total War Front Cover

Start Date

April 13 2010

Finish Date

February 5 2011

Total Running Time

9 Months and 23 Days

Total Amount of Parts

234 (Credits not included)

Main Protagonist

King Ambrose/English Empire

Main Antagonists

Kingdom of France, Milanese Empire, Hungarian Empire, Danish Empire

Let's Play Medieval 2 Total War was Damo2986's first Let's Play, starting in April 2010 and finishing in February 2011. It was also Damo's first Let's Play to use a RolePlaying feature for fans and the most popular on his channel.

He started off with only Normandy and south-eastern England (the regions of London and Nottingham), but the English kingdom grew into a mighty empire. It included Britain, France, North-Eastern Spain, Benelux, Germany, Scandinavia, Western Poland, Switzerland, Italy, and a portion of the Middle East (including Jerusalem, which was required as a victory condition), where the final battles took place in an exciting finale.

The history of the empire is detailed on a seperate page.


Englands territory (red and gold) at the end of the campaign

During the LP, Damo2986 started a friendly competion where he asked for some one to created a story about King Ambrose. The Winner was Naughty_Ranko, whose work can be found at After the Ambrose biography came the equally good "Toby - Diary of A Killer" and "Scholar in Arms - Sir Laurence Bidell." The trilogy has also been compiled into a single pdf-file with some additional info and can be found here: Ambrosian Chronicles.

So far this is Damo2986 second longest LP