Rome - Total War
Rome - Total War Front Cover

Start Date

January 18 2011

End Date

April 19 2011

Total Running Time

3 Months and 1 Day

Total Amount of Parts

59 (Not including Credits)

Main Protagonist

Brutii Empire

Main Antagonist

Greek Empire

Rome: Total War was LP(RP)'d by Damo2986. He started as a Roman faction known as the Brutii, starting with a small chunk of southern Italy and ultimately controling an impressive empire including the Balkans, Greece and Turkey. This Let's Play was the first to fully incorperate RP (Role-play) elements. All participants were characters within the setting, ranging from members of the advisory council to everyday citizens, and all contributing to how the Brutii shaped their empire. The way that the RP worked was that everyone had a character and some were elected to be on the main council and the rest in different capacaties as townsfolk, that took part in many polls to help the councils desicions. All of these characters contributed into the running of the empire, therefore shaping the LP. All the text roleplaying can be found at the forums.


Brutii territory (green) at the campaign's end.