Shogun 2 - Total War
Shogun 2 Total War box art
Box Cover for Shogun 2 Total War

Start Date

April 5 2011

Finish Date

November 5 2011

Total Running Time

7 Months

Total Amount of Parts

99 (Credits not included)

Main Protagonist

Tokugawa Clan

Main Antagonists

Uesugi Clan, Hattori Clan

Let's Play Shogun 2 Total War was, as the title indicates, Damo2986's Let's Play of said game. It may also be considered a sequel to Let's Play: Rome - Total War (minor allusions to the campaign were made during the RP portion). Damo2986 took up position as the Daimyo of the Tokugawa Clan, a client state of the Imagawa Clan. Through several wars and struggles (including fighting a very bloody war against the Uesugi) , the Tokugawa would come to rule the Shogunate of Japan. Keeping with tradition, it was also made into a Roleplay that played out individual events as the campaign continued. The final event of the RP was the Assault on Mikawa and the conclusion of the Lets Play included the capture of Kyoto and Damo himself dancing on a webcam. The LP can be found at