Sindall Hawke
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Dragon Age II





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Lothering, Fereldan


- Malcolm Hawke (Father; deceased)

- Leandra Hawke (nee Amell, Mother)

- Carver Hawke (Brother)

- Bethany Hawke (Sister; deceased)

- Gamlen Amell (Uncle)

- Charade Amell (Cousin)

Sindall Hawke was the hero and main protagonist of the discontinued Dragon Age 2 LP. With the cancellation of the LP and the creation of the replacement Return of the Old Gods RP, Hawke's story was cut short and never completed.


Sindall Hawke and his family lived in Lothering until the darkspawn attacked Lothering. His family barely managed to escape, fleeing across the countryside in hopes to reach the port city of Gwaren. Along the way, they encountered a Templar named Ser Wesley and his wife Aveline. Ser Wesley did not take kindly to the two apostates before him, but Aveline convinced him to stand down. The two families joined forces to press onward, carrying on until an attacking ogre killed Sindall's sister Bethany. After the beast was slain and Ser Wesley gave Bethany last rites, a new wave of darkspawn was quickly destroyed by an attacking dragon. In reality, the dragon was Flemeth, the Witch of the Wilds. Flemeth assisted the family, but not before Aveline mercy-killed her husband, who was being corrupted by the darkspawn's taint.

Fleeing to the city of Kirkwall, the remaining four sought out Sindall's uncle Gamlen, hoping that he could use the family fortune to get them within the city. Unfortunately, Gamlen was a deadbeat who squandered the fortune and lost the family estate. The best he could offer was that Sindall, Carver, and Aveline spend a year working for the Red Iron mercenaries, who in turn would pay their way in. With no options left, they did so. By the time Sindall's contract ran up, he was approached by a dwarf named Varric Tethras, who sought to hire him as security for an expedition into the Deep Roads.

However, Sindall needed to invest into the expedition to be considered a part of it. Along with Carver and Varric, Sindall also got in contact with Aveline again, who was now working for the city guards, convincing her to come along with him in exchange for helping her deal with some bandits. After eliminating them and exposing the corruption of the current guard captain, Sindall and company made their way to Sundermount, delivering an amulet as part of his agreement with Flemeth. There he was joined by Merrill, a Dalish mage who was ostracized from her clan because of practicing blood magic. On Sundermount, they reached the altar where Merrill needed to perform the appropriate rites...

...And then the LP was cancelled, so everything that might follow this event went untold.