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The Repears are the main antagonists in the "Mass Effect" series, and the prime enemy of Commander Shepard. They first appeared in Mass Effect 1 has the Reapear "Soverign" who took over the minds of organic and mechanical life forms and used it to attack the Citadel. Soverign, through controlling a turien named Saren, was able to nearly defeat the Alliance fleet in the Battle of the Citadel. Soverign however, was destoryed by the Alliance Gunships and the SSV Normandy under command of Shepard. These Reapers, are essentialy, enourmas ship like mechanical life forms that wipe out organic life every 50,000 years (known as a cycle.) Revealed in Mass Effect 1, the Protheans, a ancient civilization of space-faring peoples, were wiped out by the mysterious machine race and entirely eleminated. In the next game, Mass Effect 2, the Reapers take control of a insect species known as the collectors, who kidnap Human life forms in a effort to fuel themselves as well as to construct a Human-Reaper. This Reaper is destroyed by Commander Shepard, and escapes as the Collector base explodes. Harbinger, the oldest and largest Reaper in the fleet (who controls the collectors), leads the final attack on the Galaxy when the Reapers invade.