Veronica after Timothy's birth




- Hero of Brightwall (Husband)

- William (Ex-Husband)

- Timothy (Son)

- Elise (Fellow Wife)

Sexual Orientation

Heterosexual (Straight)

Financial Status


Social Status

Wife of the King

Veronica was originally married to a man named William, living in Brightwall together. The initial spark of their relationship, which had gotten them married in the first place, quickly dwindled as she discovered just how boring William was. In retaliation, she became something of a shrew... so much so, in fact, that William wanted to divorce her. However, he was unwilling to do so when she would end up with half his fortune. Concocting a scheme that would rid him of this detail, he asked the Hero of Brightwall, the Prince of Albion, if he would seduce Veronica so that she would decide to divorce him instead, leaving her broke.

The Prince ultimately went through with the scheme, though he was bothered by the fact that William had offered him no reward. Ultimately, Veronica decided that she would indeed divorce William, having rediscovered the spark of real love with the Prince. However, when she presented the divorce papers, William spilled the beans and flaunted his victory. Veronica wasn't happy with the Prince's actions, but she knew it wasn't too late; William still needed to file those papers. She offered her new love the opportunity to marry a rich widow instead of a penniless divorcee. The Prince put a bullet between his eyes without a second thought, Veronica declaring it the most romantic gesture she had ever seen.

William was buried the next day, and the couple married shortly thereafter. They moved into a cottage just outside town, eagerly partaking of their wedding night. Veronica immediately got pregnant and gave birth to the Prince's son, who named the child Timothy. The wife and son continued to live in the cottage as the hero continued on his many quests. He would later become King and marry a second wife, his old flame Elise. Veronica did not mind; as long as he provided for the family and dropped by once in a while, she was content with her wealthy lifestyle.